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    Why do I have to pay?

    The short answer: because there’s no free lunch. The long answer is that free sites have to make money somehow, so they use advertisers. That’s great for regular web browsing or searching, but at Nester, if we had advertisers, we would be trying to sell you something. Our job is to help you determine the real costs of a home, but it doesn’t matter to us which plumber you choose to fix your hot water heater. If we had an ad for a particular company, that might influence you, and that’s not what we want.

    How does Nester know when my roof will leak?

    Because we’re magic! Actually, we’re not. But we do our research…a lot of research. We also talk to experts around the country about different materials and average life spans, as well as replacement costs. So the truth is we don’t know exactly when your roof is going to leak, but we can get pretty close. The upside is that if you’re saving for the repair over time, whenever it happens, you’ll be prepared.

    What if the seller doesn’t want to provide the information?

    Don’t worry! You got this. We designed our questions so that anyone should be able to answer them using the seller’s disclosure report, the MLS listing and a tour of the home. And if you have any questions, you can always reach out to Nester support.

    What if I can’t answer all the questions?

    No problem! Do your best and answer what you can. When you get to the end, your Nester Report will give you a list of questions to ask the seller or the listing agent. Your real estate agent can contact the seller’s agent to get the answers. You might even be looking to live in a state where the seller is required to fill out a disclosure report. If you can get one of those, you’re golden! It will answer most of the questions you need.

    What stuff do I need to fill out the NESTER Report?

    The first thing you need is a house that’s for sale. We can’t go any further without that. Next, you’ll need some paperwork. If you have a listing sheet (this will have a picture of the house on it and is usually put out at open houses) or a seller’s disclosure (some states don’t require this so check with your agent about yours) you should be able to answer most of the questions. Any additional questions could be answered on a tour of the home or you can ask your agent to follow up with the listing agent for any outstanding items.

    I got a new answer. What do I do now?

    Easy peasy! You can edit information in your home details anytime. Just go to that home’s Wizard page and click the update details button next to any section. Fill in the new information and hit Update and you’re good to run an updated report.

    I’m only looking at 3 houses. Why does my plan include 8?

    Good on you for being a discerning buyer! When we designed this product, we went with the number of homes the average buyer is seriously considering and that’s how we came up with our multi-home plan. We also thought having one price for multiple homes would be easier than making buyers upgrade every time they wanted to include an additional home. We promise we aren’t trying to be wasteful.


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