NESTER for Owners

Owning a home can be stressful, but NESTER is here for you. We’ll help you anticipate all the major maintenance and repairs so you’re ready and can plan for them. We can even help you plan for the fun stuff as well (maybe a new kitchen?)

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    NESTER knows

    Did you know the biggest regret among homeowners is not being prepared for the unexpected costs of maintenance and repairs? 

    NESTER knows and that’s why we’re here. Most unexpected repairs aren’t really unexpected, but figuring out how much that work is going to cost and when it’s going to happen has been kind of a mystery. Until now.

    With NESTER for owners, you’ll get:

    15-year timeline of major maintenance items and expenses

    NESTER Fund - projected monthly savings needed to cover maintenance items

    Expert tips for maintenance jobs big and small

    Inventory of every major home system with helpful product information

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