NESTER for Sellers

At NESTER, we know selling a home can be just as stressful as buying one. We want to be your partner in the selling process and help you set your home apart from the others. Sellers who are transparent and straightforward will have the advantage.


NESTER is simple

You know your home better than anyone and you’ve worked hard to get it ready for this moment. Completing a NESTER Report for your home is:

  • FREE
  • Easy
  • Takes 20 minutes
  • Did we mention it’s free?

NESTER is your partner

Every home will eventually need a new roof, replacement windows or updated appliances. But NESTER can help make your home stand out from the rest by giving buyers a clear understanding of those costs up front so there are no hidden costs. Complete a free NESTER Report for your home to:

Relieve buyer anxiety about hidden repair costs

Show off the investments you’ve made in your home

Get selling tips to help you close sooner

NESTER is a valuable product for anyone buying or selling a house. My buyers want transparency and my sellers want to set their homes apart the moment they go on the market. NESTER is an innovative way to bring a wealth of knowledge into the process.

Cathleen WilderReal Estate Agent | Long & Foster

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